3RD Generation Toyota Tacoma OVtune Dyno Results

Aug 17, 2021 | Speed Shop

Havoc Speed 3rd Generation Toyota Tacoma OV Tune OVtune OrangeVirus Orange Virus Tuning Dyno Results

We perform the OVtune tuning here on an appointment basis in West Palm Beach Florida. We’ve been asked for proof of results, so we tossed our Tacoma up on our Dyno for a few pulls.

More than just the max horsepower/torque number increases, the overall drivability of the truck is 100% better. The lazy feeling throttle, the auto transmission gear hunting, the jerky power delivery is nearly eliminated. The truck feels like it should have come from the factory this way.

Before a tune installation, we update the truck to the latest Toyota calibration using our TIS Techstream software and hardware. Your truck, engine and transmission will all be updated to the latest revisions before OV tuning is performed.

The below dyno results were produced on April 11th 2021 on our in house DynoJet 224x chassis dyno. The truck is a 2020 TRD Off-Road, automatic, double cab, long bed on 265/75/16 all terrain tires. The weather was 89 degrees outside, and the average shop temperature during these runs fluctuated around 95 degrees for the entirety of testing. Testing was performed with the hood up, and a high velocity fan into the grill was used. There was about 5 minutes of idling time between each pull to allow the truck to cool and recover.

3RD Generation Toyota Tacoma OVtune Dyno Results

The intake air temps, and engine coolant temps were monitored in Techstream, and each dyno pull was performed with coolant and air temps being within 1 degree +/- of the previous runs for consistency. Using Techstream, the transmission was locked into third gear for testing (the mile per hour was excessive and unsafe in 4th)

The stock dyno pulls were run on the latest TSB calibration (04B81). All testing was performed with 93 octane in the tank. 87 octane may have produced lower baseline stock file numbers, I can test this in the future. I personally run the 87 octane OV file and 87 octane fuel in this tank full time. Once I’ve run a few tanks of 87 back through the truck I will retest.

3RD Generation Toyota Tacoma OVtune Dyno Results
All runs layed over each other

The first graph above is all the runs layed over each other. To ensure consistency, a third dyno pull was made with each file installed. The two closest runs from each group and those are what’s displayed on the graphs.

3RD Generation Toyota Tacoma OVtune Dyno Results
Best runs from each file

The graph above are the best runs from each file.

Ignore the max values on the first two graphs. This is just the peak number they made at a brief moment. They don’t tell you much. What really matters are the actual gains where you spend the most time. For example, the graph above on the top shows the difference in torque at 4260 RPM. The stock file made 209.21 HP and 169.97 lb/ft, the regular octane OVTune made 219.30 HP and 178.20 lb/ft, the premium octane OVTune made 223.46 HP and 181.59 lb/ft. The graph on the bottom show the gains around 5850 RPM where the 2GR-FKS is doing it’s thing. At 5850RPM the stock file made 227.75 HP and 204.15 lb/ft, the regular octane OVTune made 233.93 HP and 209.68 lb/ft, the premium octane OVTune made 237.07 HP and 212.51 lb/ft of torque.

I plan to add different cold air intakes, exhaust systems, cat backs and other stuff to this post in the future.

We’re currently developing 2nd gen Tacoma tunes using HP Tuners, and may further develop the OV tunes on our own to work out the erratic torque curve between 3000 and 4500 rpms.

Feel free to contact us and schedule an OV tune install here in south Florida. The installation only takes about 20 minutes. Tuning is $200, includes all TSB updates, and 1 free future retune if you change tire size, gear ratio, or fuel octane. Group discounts available. 561-693-1588 or email us [email protected]

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