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Fuel injector cleaning and service results.

Our injector service turn around time is typically same day, with no rush, expedited or same day fees. Walk-in service welcome at our West Palm Beach Florida location, or the following link for all pricing, service, and shipping instructions. Fuel injector cleaning and flow testing service.

Before the video starts, we’ve tested these injectors electrically, leak tested them, and determined they were worth fixing. The first part of the video is a static flow test. This tests the overall flow rate of the fuel injector in lb/hr and cc/min. The following videos are flow testing after our service.

Before completion, we leak test again, and test them dynamically. Dynamic testing runs them through their pulse width and RPM range to test their overall performance. Many will skip this step and only test statically. We’ve had many injectors static flow test exactly the same wide open, but significantly different under varying RPM or pulse widths.

These are out of a Suzuki outboard engine. Yamaha and GM also use this fuel injector in a few applications.

This injector also goes by the following OE part numbers:
Yamaha INP-771
Yamaha CDH-210
GM 91174472
Mitsubishi MD319791
Suzuki Marine 15710 65D00