Traxxas 9573A Black Chrome Wheels w/Belted Sledgehammer Tires


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✅ 4 In Stock - Ready for Local Pickup or Shipping

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Tires & wheels, assembled, glued (3.8″ black chrome wheels, belted Sledgehammer® tires, foam inserts) (2)

Belted Sledgehammer® tires deliver game-changing stability and control whether you’re slinging mud or setting speed records. The wide, open-block tread design won’t clog up with dirt or debris and the lightweight belting maintains the tire’s shape for a larger contact patch, more grip, and responsive handling at any speed. The Sledgehammer’s increased diameter gives your Sledge® a more powerful stance with more ground clearance. Sledgehammer tires come pre-mounted to 3.8″ black chrome Sledge wheels with an ultra-tough glue bead for the most extreme high-speed off-road action. Fits 17 mm splined hex, front or rear.