Fragola 600028 8AN Black PTFE AN Hose Per Foot


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✅ 66 In Stock - Ready for Local Pickup or Shipping

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Fragola Performance Systems 6000 Series PTFE-lined stainless hoses with black coverings are manufactured to the highest quality standards for years of trouble-free service. A tough, extruded PTFE inner layer with a smooth bore is fed into a machine that weaves stainless steel wire into the familiar braided pattern. Since stainless steel braided hoses can be abrasive to almost anything they come into contact with, this hose has a black covers to prevent scratches, scrapes, and scuffs.

The properties of PTFE-lined hose make it a natural for highly corrosive applications like automotive brake fluid, hot oil, and power steering fluid; it also handles nitrous oxide with ease. Even under high pressure, it will cycle over and over again without failure. Each hose is 100 percent inspected and any flawed sections are discarded. Hose sizes 6-12 AN have a conductive core to dissipate static electricity.

Compatible with all known fluid types, including:

  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Diesel
  • E85
  • Engine coolant
  • Engine oil
  • Ethanol
  • Gasoline
  • Methanol
  • N2O
  • Power steering
  • Vacuum

Sold by the foot

Technical Specifications

Part NumberA-N SizeNominal I.D.Working PressureBurst PressureMin. Bend Radius
600023-3.125″3000 psi.12000 psi.2″
600024-4.187″3000 psi.12000 psi.2″
600025-5.250″3000 psi.12000 psi.3″
600026-6.312″”2500 psi.10000 psi.3″
600028-8.405″2000 psi.8000 psi.5.25″
600029-10.500″1500 psi.6000 psi.6.5″
600030-12.6251200 psi.4800 psi.7.7″