3/4″ Black Aircraft Hose and Wire Fire Sleeve


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✅ 46 In Stock - Ready for Local Pickup or Shipping

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Rated for 2000 degrees, aircraft grade, 100% American made, black in color, sold by the foot. The inside material is woven fiberglass, and the exterior is iron oxide silicone rubber. It’ll withstand 600 degrees continuously and up to 2000 degrees for short periods. Very soft and flexible, the material is stretchy and can be installed pretty tightly onto hoses and wire looms. We have many customers who also use this over clutch cables and hydraulic clutch hoses which is a common issue in rear wheel drive, v8, long tube header applications. Cuts with sharp scissors

If you want to put it over AN hose before fittings and have it fit tightly, we use:

  • 1/4″ over 3AN and 4AN
  • 3/8″ over 6AN
  • 1/2″ over 8AN
  • 3/4″ over 10AN
  • 1.00″ over 12AN
  • 1.25″ over 16AN and 20AN

if you want to put it over AN hose after fittings and have it fit loosely, we use:

  • 3/8″ over 3AN and 4AN
  • 1/2″ over 6AN
  • 3/4″ over 8AN
  • 1.00″ over 10AN
  • 1.25″ over 12AN

You could also fit 2 3AN or 4AN hoses through 1/2″ or 3/4″ before fittings.
You could put 2 6AN hoses through 1.00″ before fittings
You could put 2 8AN and 10AN hoses through 1.25″
You could put 2 12AN hoses through 1.25″ but it’ll take some effort.