Dragy GPS Performance Meter
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High performance brake fluids
The brakes in your performance street or race car’s sole purpose is to convert energy into heat. Whether they’re stock or aftermarket, carbon, ceramic or iron. They create tremendous amounts of heat that are no match for aging, contaminated or even fresh OE style brake fluids. If you’re going through the hassle of rotor or pad
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A single stage Hughes dump valve kit on on a GM Turbo 400 transmission
Chances are good you’ve heard about torque converter dump valves in the drag racing community. Ever wonder what they are? A properly designed, tuneable dump valve system lowers the oil level in the torque converter by bypassing charge oil back to the oil pan causing cavitation within the converter. This cavitation reduces the forward thrust
Owner and Founder of Ignite Racing Fuel, Jay Berry, discusses the benefits of biofuels in competitive motorsports.
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