Havoc Speed 3rd Generation Toyota Tacoma OV Tune OVtune OrangeVirus Orange Virus Tuning Dyno Results
We perform the OVtune tuning here on an appointment basis in West Palm Beach Florida. We’ve been asked for proof of results, so we tossed our Tacoma up on our Dyno for a few pulls. More than just the max horsepower/torque number increases, the overall drivability of the truck is 100% better. The lazy feeling
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Holley EFI HP or Dominator Which system is right for me
This guide assumes you have an existing, fundamental understanding of the general Holley EFI system. Trying to determine which system your build is going need? Have questions? We’ll do our best here to guide you through the differences, and technical specs to aid your decision. This guide will pertain specifically to the Holley HP EFI,
Fuel injector cleaning and service results. Our injector service turn around time is typically same day, with no rush, expedited or same day fees. Walk-in service welcome at our West Palm Beach Florida location, or the following link for all pricing, service, and shipping instructions. Fuel injector cleaning and flow testing service. Before the video
HolleyEFI Whats the deal with inputs and outputs
This guide is an attempt to make sense of Holley EFI’s systems input/output functionality in their HP and Dominator ecu’s. If anything was missed, feel free to let us know, leave in a comment below, call or email us. If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, we’re happy to help through an email or
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GM Old style non-countersunk camshaft retaining plate
We get this question a lot, there is much confusion and not a lot of solid info out there. The LS series of engines use two different style camshaft retainer plates. The earlier engines and most of the trucks use the typical plate with 4 non countersunk bolts. OLD STYLE PLATE – Flat plate with seal
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Supercharger Belt Length Guide
A guide to the supercharger belt required for your 09-14 Cadillac CTS-V and Camaro ZL1 Below is a list of simple and complex combos, as well the belts and part numbers required All part numbers below will be the Gates Green HD Belt, along with it’s length, pulley ratio, amount of blower OverDrive (O.D), Pulley
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Havoc Speed AN Hose and Fittings How To Guide
Havoc Speed carries the Fragola Performance brand. This post is a mix of official/unofficial terminology that we use in house and with our customers. This guide is meant to help you find what you need, in one consolidated location. Some customers say they’re intimidated to come in to the store without knowing the lingo, terms,
High performance brake fluids
The brakes in your performance street or race car’s sole purpose is to convert energy into heat. Whether they’re stock or aftermarket, carbon, ceramic or iron. They create tremendous amounts of heat that are no match for aging, contaminated or even fresh OE style brake fluids. If you’re going through the hassle of rotor or pad
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A single stage Hughes dump valve kit on on a GM Turbo 400 transmission
Chances are good you’ve heard about torque converter dump valves in the drag racing community. Ever wonder what they are? A properly designed, tuneable dump valve system lowers the oil level in the torque converter by bypassing charge oil back to the oil pan causing cavitation within the converter. This cavitation reduces the forward thrust
Dirty fuel injector spray pattern example
While this article applies to almost every engine, we’ll be using a GM V8 as our example. The same points would apply to a 4 cylinder, there would just be 1 bank of 4 cylinders instead of 2 banks. Most 4 cylinder engines will use one O2 sensor for exhaust measurement and PCM operation. There
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