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3RD Generation Toyota Tacoma OVtune Dyno Results

We perform the OVtune tuning here on an appointment basis in West Palm Beach Florida. We’ve been asked for proof of results, so we tossed our Tacoma up on our Dyno for a few pulls. More than just the max horsepower/torque number increases, the overall...

HolleyEFI – What’s the deal with inputs and outputs?

This guide is an attempt to make sense of Holley EFI’s systems input/output functionality in their HP and Dominator ecu’s. If anything was missed, feel free to let us know, leave in a comment below, call or email us. If you have a question that wasn’t answered here,...

LS Engine Camshaft Retainer Plate and Bolts Help

We get this question a lot, there is much confusion and not a lot of solid info out there. The LS series of engines use two different style camshaft retainer plates. The earlier engines and most of the trucks use the typical plate with 4 non countersunk bolts. OLD...

ZL1 and CTSV Supercharger Belt Length Guide

A guide to the supercharger belt required for your 09-14 Cadillac CTS-V and Camaro ZL1 Below is a list of simple and complex combos, as well the belts and part numbers required All part numbers below will be the Gates Green HD Belt, along with it’s length, pulley...